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5 star rating
Joy C from on 10/1/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Brach's Auto Center "

"I took my car in today due to a burned out headlight. Tom evaluated the whole car, pointed out potential problems, indicated the cost of each item with no pressure to have it done there. When I decided to go ahead with all the needs indicated I was given an estimated time of completion which was right on target. I was able to take care of my planned activity for this morning and have the work done too. I will continue to service my car here. "
5 star rating
Kathy B from on 10/1/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Great Service"

"Brought my SUV in for 50,000 mile service and diagnostics. I knew it needed lots of updates. There was a long list of services needed but they were categorized by priorities and there was no pressure to do it now. Everything was done efficiently and on time. Thanks for making me feel safe for the coming winter weather. Tom was accomodating and knowledgable."
5 star rating
H. McKinney from on 9/30/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Brach's an Honest Repair Center"

"I have been a loyal customer to Brach's for the last 15 years. They help people like myself who are not real savvy about car maintenance and mechanics. Tom and Gary are the best. They explain things in a way that an average consumer can understand. There are no unnecessary charges and they stand behind their warranties. I call Brach's ( The Lady's Place) and recommend them to all my girl friends. Okay the fellas too . I just love this place."
5 star rating
rmmaloney from on 9/4/2013 for an auto service of their Dodge and their testimonial is:

"dependable, knowlegable service"

"I've had just about every part in my Dodge Caravan replaced or repaired there. The mechanics are top-flight and the service is reliable and friendly. Highly recommend them! "
5 star rating
Mallory from on 9/4/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"I'm 22 years old - There was a bad storm one day, and the cleaning woman at my work, that doesn't speak English, was motioning for me to come outside, something was wrong. I followed her and to my shock -- a lamp post in my work parking lot, fell on my car, and right away I knew my car was totaled. Along with being paid off, my Toyota Camry was in impeccable condition, because for years I've brought it to Brach's for service. My mom and I both called Tom, (the manager) at Brach's, very upset because we knew I couldn't afford to replace the car I had. Tom reassured us that the car was no longer safe (because the frame was cracked), and that we would find an even better vehicle. Tom faxed my car's service record to our insurance, and because it was maintained so well by Brach's, my insurance gave me much more for my car than I expected ! In the process of finding a replacement car, I brought several cars to Brach's for them to check out -- Tom knew I wanted to stick with a Honda vehicle, then recommended a Honda CRV, and even found one on-line that he thought looked good. I brought it to him to check-out, and after he gave it the okay - I bought it. I can honestly say, I can't believe I'm driving this car. I just love it - and know without Tom's help it wouldn't have been possible !! Not only did I get more money for my Camry than I expected, but I'm once again driving a reliable, safe vehicle. Thanks Tom, for taking the stress out of a very stressful situation."
5 star rating
Denise from chicago on 8/7/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Great Service for Your Auto"

"I have been going to Brach's for 20 years plus. I find them to be honest - first and foremost, and reliable and their mechanics are of the highest quality. Integrity, let me say that again INTEGRITY is so important to me as a woman and car owner and extremely difficult to find when it comes to having my auto serviced. The work to be performed is explained in detail and in laymen's terms. Thanks Tom and Gary and keep up the wonderful work. You have certainly set a standard that many cannot imagine achieving. "
5 star rating
Rich S. from beverly, chicago on 8/2/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"They go above and beyond!"

"We have been taking our cars to Brachs for years! Before I bought any car, I took it to them to check out. They are not only professional but kind as well. My car was in for a brake job and I found myself making an unscheduled trip to the ER. My wife was downtown at work. They picked her up at the Metra station and brought her to their shop so she could get my car and get to the ER! A great bunch of guys! We'll be lost if they ever leave the neighborhood!"
5 star rating
rblissett from on 7/29/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Highly Recommended! "

"My husband and I have been Brach's customers for over five years and highly recommend them. They are timely - we have rarely had a repair take more than a day which is extremely helpful! Also they are very honest and upfront about estimates, only repairing what you approve. You never get any "surprise" charges. Also, because we have and had older vehicles, they give you a great maintenance timeline so you know what to replace and when. You will not be disappointed!"
5 star rating
Royce from on 7/17/2013 for an auto service of their Jeep and their testimonial is:

"Great Work. Good Guys. Friendly."

"Brach's took care of my emission control issue on my Jeep. They were professional, prompt and moreover, I felt they were trustworthy. Passed the emissions and all is well. I wil return and would recommend them."
5 star rating
K. Campbell from on 7/13/2013 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"GREAT Customer Service, Friendly & Skilled Professionals"

"Brach's was recommended to me by a trustworthy neighbor who I've known for years. From the very first time I called Brach's for service, their professionalism and friendly demeanor made me very comfortable about continuing to do business with them and recommending them to others. Tom, the manager, offers a detailed explanation of the problem, what causes the problem, ramifications if left unresolved and recommendations for a solution with an emphasis on safety and cost effectiveness. Brach's warranties their work and offers FREE inspections of your car at every oil change as well as FREE inspections for potential used cars before a purchase is made."

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